Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Well, here I am again with an update. I am really bad at this blogging thing. I guess that now I'm on Christmas break, I really don't have any more excuses.

Scott: Scott continues to work at Provident Funding and does an excellent job. Although it can be stressful, I think he really enjoys it. He has some great co-workers that make the job even better. He recently got the new PlayStation 4 and enjoys playing in his spare time. Scott keeps busy teaching gospel doctrine every Sunday and recently playing with Alice in the snow.

Abby: I just completed my third semester of dental hygiene school. It was the absolute worst semester of all and I am happy to say that I survived. I have a month off of school and then I will start my fourth and final semester in January. Before graduating in May, I will need to take 5 boards to become licensed. I am hopeful that I can pass all of these the first time. For now, it is good to be home and to spend so much time with Alice.

Alice: Alice continues to keep us on our toes. She will be three in February. She is a happy, smart, energetic little girl that makes the worst and fastest messes. Alice enjoys reading books, playing with dinosaurs, and "camping" in our bedroom closet with her numerous stuffed animals. She has recently rediscovered her love for snow and loves when Daddy gets home to take her outside. Alice continues to amaze me with her vocabulary and how fast she picks up on things. Although she is not potty-trained yet, we are hopeful for the future.

2013 has been good to us. We have been blessed to continue living with the Hewitsons and we have enjoyed health and happiness. We are excited for 2014 with the possibility of graduation and a new job, moving into a house, and increasing our family. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Your little Alice is so very cute! Merry Christmas and congrats on all that will be new in the new year!